Holistic Education Essay

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Situation Analysis
Education in holistic approach will serve many purposes (Bhargava and Pathy, 2011). It will empower a person to widen his perspective to his family and society. The holistic education will also ignite individual with the responsibility of developing and maintaining the socioeconomic system, conserving and transmitting human heritage, take up a sensible and sensitive method towards utilization of resources. A teacher, therefore, serves as the prime mover of the educational system while learners as key participants in the learning process.
Furthermore, elementary teachers perform noblest tasks of setting the foundation for young learners. Consequently, they are to impart the necessary learning skills in order
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Thus, teachers need to aspire into the height of excellence to equip young individual with the necessary skills for their future career through educational advancement (Otulube, 2006).
Further, as generalists, elementary teachers are to be globally competent, committed and dedicated to nurturing young minds to meet the demands of the 21st century. Cebrian (2009) quoted, in this regard, the modern trend in the 21st century education is to develop the learners’ higher orders-thinking skills as facilitated by the teachers. He further asserted that teachers must equip themselves with 21st century skills.
All these scenarios only point out that elementary music education significantly facilitate the achievement and the development of elementary school children.
Moreover, in the field of music education, classroom teachers must bring out the natural musicianship of all children. Music instruction, as Hackett (2007) said, must be available to all children, and that “Music for Every Child-Every Child for Music” must be the motto at the elementary level. Hence, they are to enhance their skills as musicians. Becoming a musician, nevertheless, requires time and effort. Their growth and development as musicians will be largely

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