Holistic Nursing Essay

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The American Holistic Nurses Association Promote participation between patient and the health care providers It encourages nurses to educate themselves about holistic nursing. The overall theme of the reading promotes education and encourages nurses to use a holistic approach when it’s come to caring for their patients b. How the topic relates to nursing in general. The holistic nursing approach is consistent with the core value of the nursing profession. The Nursing holistic approach calls for nursing care that addresses the patient’s needs including the social, emotional, spiritual and medical needs. Those are essential to the nursing profession philosophy. The nurse treatment approach must be therapeutic and reflects the patient…show more content…
When a nurse felt to communicate well with his or her patient, he or she creates a barrier for the patient to develop trust and a relationship that could promote a better experience for the patient. For instance, I remembered one of my visits to my Doctor office where the nurse approach made me reluctant to share my information with her as a result she was not able to get a good assessment of my situation. As a nurse, I used that experience to empower myself to become a better nurse. As a nurse, I always show interest on my patient well being by being nonjudgmental. For example, I had a patient that my coworkers found to be very difficult and run me about her lack of cooperation when it comes to give her medications. By using a holistic approach I found that she was one of the most interesting individual one can talk to. Sometime it is important for nurses to take a moment to get to know their patients and to learn to be non- judgmental. 3. Your conclusion will summarize the reading. The American Holistic Nursing Association encourages nurses to become more Holistic. It provides much needed information like educational resources, classes and certification for nurses who are interested in the field including Holistic Nursing Certification. It also provides information about how nurses can create their own holistic private practices and about how to connect to an existing practice. It
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