Holistic Nursing Perspective In Nursing

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My Perspective on Holistic Nursing and Self-Care
University My Perspective on Holistic Nursing and Self-Care
In context of World Health Organization, self-care is often defined as activities individuals, families and communities undergoes with the motive of increasing health, overcoming disease, limiting illness and restoring health ("What is", n.d.). The knowledge and skills are gained from both professional and lay experiences for such activities. According to Klebanoff & Hess (2013), holistic nursing is defined as all nursing practice that has only motive of healing the whole person as its prime goal. A holistic nurse is like a licensed nurse who often incorporates a “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” approach to the
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In my days of training as a nurse, I had the opportunity to offer holistic nursing and self care to an old lady. The old lady came to the emergency ward on a stretcher and was followed by her relatives and a group of medical staffs. She was suffering from an illness of weak nervous system. She was aged and looked in her 70s and she had a typical old expression on her face with white hairs. Her name was Kasturba Rai. She was treated for about half an hour and finally she got a relief from her extreme pain. She was shifted to ward and I was assigned the duty to look after her. She was still grieving in pain. I looked through her eyes and could feel the pain she is in. I tried to make her comfortable by talking about her grandsons and her young days. Soon within two days we became good friends. I used to give her regular medicines and food and water. I also assist her in bathing and cleansing activities. She was not well looked after by her family and hardly any of her relatives stays too long with her. She seemed to me like my own mother and in maternally love, I tried to research work on her illness. Soon, I found out that there was medicated oil for nerve related patients prepared by ‘Ayurveda mechanism’. This medicine was limited edition and was not easily available, but after some struggle I got that medicine .After consulting the doctor, I used to apply that oil twice a day on her…show more content…
Self-care practices comprise self assessment, meditation, yoga, good nutrition, energy therapies, movement, dance, creative expression like art and music. Holistic Philosophy and Education, Holistic Ethics, Theories, and Research; Holistic Nurse Self-Care, Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Environment and Cultural Competence and Holistic Caring Process are the five premium values of holistic nursing based on standards. They represent the real essence of nursing and are of utmost importance for all. The Holistic Caring Process, deals on evolution of the nursing process to embrace assessment and therapeutic care addressing client patterns, problems, and needs in an atmosphere of
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