Holling Hoodhood Analysis

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Holling Hoodhood in the beginning starts as a regular kid entering the seventh grade with a teacher that he think hates his guts. Holling is a presbyterian so he stays with Mrs. Baker for a while since he doesn’t go to the church's other kids go to and for this reason Mrs. Baker “Hated” him. Soon you start seeing Holling’s family neglect him and it shows how Holling has to take care of himself. Also you see Holling’s love of books when he talks about the books he reads. You then start seeing Hollings traits of paranoia about Mrs. Baker and her assassination plot. You also see Holling dissatisfaction with his life when he feels like he needs to have guts against Doug Switetick’s brother who was charging towards him. You could also call Holling immature due to the fact that he insults Meryl Lee for no reason. The story continues and some small events happen but then occasionally big events happen. My first big event would be when he has to clean the chalk boards and gets a cream puff out of it. The reason it is big is because when he gets to class the next day Mrs. Baker says “For another cream puff”. The keyword here is “another” because his classmates said if he got a cream puff they would kill him and so Holling gets death threats and owes them cream…show more content…
Holling later learns that he can get good at things with Mrs. Baker’s help. A life lessom event was her making him do chores on wednesdays and how he got good at them. There also was the event that he learned how to be in character when he practiced with Mrs. Baker for his part as ariel in a play. There also is the event that in the future where Holling gets better at running with tips on his posture that again come from Mrs. Baker. In all the events all teach that practicing things makes you better at them. The trait that he gets from this is determination to work since he learns he needs to work hard to get better at
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