Hollis Woods Character Analysis

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Never Ever Give up
“Here I am, Hollis Woods, who didn’t deserve to be in a family … tough Hollis Woods, running-away Hollis Woods. Look at me. I climbed the mountain. Now I belong.” Patricia Reilly Giff’s Pictures of Hollis Woods tells the story of tough Hollis Woods who has been in so many foster homes she has lost hope and trust. When she meets the first family who wants her she chooses to run away from them too. But when Hollis meets an elderly artist named Josie, she decides to stay with her because of her love and trust; now Hollis will never let anyone separate them. Pictures of Hollis Woods portrays the important theme that when finding a place where you are loved and where you belong anything is possible.
Hollis Woods biggest wish is to have a family that loves her. Anything that she feels is her fault, she runs away from it. But if she can figure out a way to understand that she is loved then
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This will express her love for Josie as well.
Something that would make Hollis as happy as a clam would be to be an older sister. After endlessly being loved by Josie she moved back in with the Regans and visited Josie every once and awhile. But while settling in with her new family Izzy Regan had a baby girl and Hollis finally got to love someone in her own special way. “... I’m holding my sister, Christina, six weeks old, in my arms... And when she cries, we run to her wherever we are. We stand over the bassinet smiling at her, cooing.” This really shows how far Hollis has come. When Hollis felt one thing that felt scary she ran from it. But now she is running to it. She is running to a crying baby. If Hollis was not loved and supported by the Regans and Josie she wouldn’t be running to anything crying at
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