Hollow Men Poem Analysis

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Now you See Me, Now you Don’t
(Three Messages from Hollow men)
In the Hollow men this poem has three messages in it and they are important ones. THe first one is dissatisfaction because the people are not satisfied with their lives and have to struggle through it. The second message is passivity because the Hollow men put all their lazy efforts on the “Shadow” which is meaning that they don’t want to do homework or something like that. The third message is referring to identity because everyone is questioning who they really are or what they can really do. “This passage is so central to Eliot 's poetics that it could be taken as a kind of credo for his own "allusive" technique as is shown in the present paper.(Murata, Tatsuo. "The Indic Eliot in 'The Hollow Men ')” This quote is talking about how Eliot has made a beautiful poem from his own thoughts and dreams. The first message in Hollow men is dissatisfaction and it is talking about how nobody is satisfied with their lives or what they are doing throughout their life. The people are upset and dissatisfied because they are stuck in a line heading towards a river that nobody wants to cross. Instead of complaining they don’t have a soul so they can not have a soul misery. Most people would be complaining and throwing a fit because they have crushed their soul and the people waiting for the river to come closer is just getting more and more upset with their lives and what they didn’t do. “Shape without form, shade without
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