Hollow Metal Doors Case Study

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1. Steel doors are considered the most durable options, though they might not be that appealing when it comes to a pleasing appearance. Heavy steel doors are usually placed where good levels of security are required. 2. The skyscrapers and other such office buildings prefer the installation of revolving doors. They are quite useful as people can move in and out through doors almost concurrently. 3. Office spaces where appearance is measured on a high scale, glass doors have been found to be one the most preferred ones. However, they are less durable when compared to aluminium and steel doors. 4. It is always advised to have the frame grouting in place for installation of a steel door and a frame. This is essential to free the seal from gaps and provide the suppression of sound. 5. Hollow metal doors are…show more content…
Apart from providing additional security, hollow metal doors also provide the appealing appearance and are pleasant to the eyes. This is an added advantage of hollow metal doors over other commercial doors. 17. Increased sustainability is one of the other benefits of commercial hollow metal doors. These doors are not subject to frequent wear and tear due to environmental damages. 18. Nowadays, the design formula for commercial hollow metal doors has been improved in a manner that they are more lightweight than their previous versions. This along with additional security makes these doors the best among all. 19. Insulation is something which is very important for commercial establishments. Hollow metal doors provide this insulation from the weather changes such as winds along with structural integrity. 20. Polystyrene is one of the major components of which steel doors are made of. This is an essential component which provides the steel door with the required durability. 21. Steel doors can be customised as per the required cutouts in the doors of your commercial space. Colour prints of your own choice can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of the

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