Self-Discovery In Rebecca Podos The Mystery Of Hollow Places

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Reading Log – 2 1. Pages 87-171, read on 1.19.18; characters involved: Imogene Scott, Lindy Scott, Chad Price, Jeremy White, Lillian Eugene, Omar, Mike, Pari Singh. 2. In the books The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos, the theme that is taking the most shape is self-discovery. Throughout these 6 chapters, it has the most evidence and support through the pages. As she finds out more about her mother, Sidonie, she starts to question things about herself. Asking herself questions like why isn’t she more like her mother, why does she want to find her mother, and what she will do when she does. 3. One of the significant moments in the book that helped to support the theme of self-discovery is when Imogen and Jessa find her second cousin, Lillian Eugene. They snuck out and scoped her when she was getting off work, just like…show more content…
When she told Imogen this, she got happy, that she found someone to tell her about her mother. This relates to the theme of self-discovery because, as she finds out more about her mother she starts to wonder what happened. She thinks that what happened with her mother, could possibly happen to her. “Dad tossed aside the extra-butter popcorn we were splitting, and out platter of ham roll-ups (our family recipe- like Fruit Roll-Ups, almost as gummy, but made with prepackage ham from the convenience store instead of fruit). He stood, spread his arms to the heavens, and shouted, “THE STARS ARE ALIGNED!” And so that summer we spend a week in Santa Fe.” (Podos, 117) This quote is an example of an epiphany, after watching a movie because their sports game got canceled, he finally had the vacation spot for the summer. The way he was showed Imogen that, he could be different sometimes, and that maybe she would be like that growing up. 7. Premonition – a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially
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