Compare And Contrast Essay On Bollywood Vs Hollywood

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T he never ending debate that which one is the best goes on but most of the people think is the competition really there or is it just a shout in the void? The story behind the indian film industry which is often termed as the biggest in the world has always been home to romantic and fictional stuff while the best in the business hollwood has been home to technical perfection and the realistic approach.

Hollywood is the movie industry which usually aims to comfort its audience with one storyline and in very effective manner where Bollywood is completely different. It doesn’t work that way. The audience of bollwood movies visit theatres to experience the blend of family, romance, drama action
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It is just a fract of indian cinema which also includes telugu, Marathi and gujrati cinemas. And one interesting fact that Bollywood is not a physical place rather just a representative term for popular hindi films.
Another aspect is the financing of the Bollywood movies. Through years, it has been sensed and proven over time that indian movies are financed through illegal means such as Mumbai underworld or unaccounted money. Actors, direactors, producers have often been linked with Mumbai underworld which converts ints black money into white money through this industry.Whereas in Hollywood, there’s and well-established network of management that sees through everything. There’s accounting of funds and sources and audits are made through government to make sure no illegal means are being used.

Now moving to a little on the wild side. The Big Hollywood has been unlucky as it has never had any chance of including item numbers or love making idiotic scenes with filthy music in the background and it also did not have the pleasure of having the likes of superstars such as rajnikanth with absurd nonsense action sequences. Hollywood is pretty far in competing with bollwood in this

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