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Formal Academic Critique of “That’s Entertainment? Hollywood’s Contribution to Anti-Americanism Abroad”
Laila Alkaf
American University of Sharjah Formal Academic Critique of “That’s Entertainment? Hollywood’s Contribution to Anti-Americanism Abroad”

Introduction In his article “That’s Entertainment? Hollywood’s Contribution to Anti-Americanism Abroad,” Michael Medved (2002) takes an extensive look at the effect of explicit Hollywood visions that penetrate every foreign society. “Medved is a famous radio program host in America, a best-selling author of a number of books such as Hollywood vs. America and The Hollywood Hall of Shame, he is also a film critic.” (michaelmedved.com, n.d.) Medved is considered to be famous for
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He uses hasty generalizations, and a lot of anecdotes from a first person and second person perspective. He also quotes dead people, from the 16th century, which is irrelevant to his article, confusing his readers. The author also quotes himself a few times, this makes him seem self-obsessed. Additionally, he mentions plenty of recent studies, and some of those studies are without references, hence, he does not support his facts. The author is bias and uses harsh, explicit language to prove his points. While reading his article, one can sense his sarcastic tone, and the fact that he thinks everyone is uneducated concerning this issue, which gives his article a bad vibe to the reader. Moreover, the author uses pathos, in other words an emotional appeal. This clearly indicates his feelings towards the topic, and the language he uses, tells the reader his personal thoughts regarding this issue that is bothering him. Never the less, there are a few strong points, which balances out the article, making it bearable for the reader. In addition, the author knows what he is talking about, because he is an expert in the media field, he has the authority to write about film studies, because he is a film critique. He also supports some of his facts with credible…show more content…
Furthermore, Medved uses plenty of hasty generalizations, such as this statement, which he uses in his opening paragraph, “The vast majority of people in Pakistan or Peru, Poland or Papua New Guinea, may never visit the United States or ever meet an American face to face, but they inevitably encounter images of L.A. and New York in the movies, television programs and popular songs exported everywhere by the American entertainment industry” (Medved, 2002, para.1). Another statement that he mentions, which is over generalized is, “No wonder so many Islamic extremists (and so many others) look upon America as a cruel, Godless, vulgar society- a ‘Great Satan,’ indeed” (Medved, 2002, para.2). A final example of him generalizing in the article is found in the final sentence of paragraph 13 where he mentions: “all scientific studies suggest that less than 3 percent of adults unequivocally see themselves as gay” (Medved, 2002). Additionally Medved tells stories, in other words he uses first and second person anecdotes to support his opinions, such as: “On a recent trip to England, I encountered sophisticated and thoughtful Londoners who refused to travel across the Atlantic because of their wildly exaggerated fear of American street crime – ignoring recent statistics showing unequivocally that muggings and assaults are now more common in London that in New york” (Medved, 2002,
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