Hollywood Fantasy Films In Sunset Boulevard, And The Fall

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Hollywood Fantasy films have unusual themes involving query, escapism, and the immoderate. Characters Roy, from Sunset Boulevard, and Max, from The Fall, create fantasy worlds through storytelling and lies in which their listeners can elude. Roy and Max endeavor different motifs to their fantasies. Overall their motifs are simulated from the same endeavor. Hollywood fantasy thrives off of lies, manipulation, and distraction, trying to overcome some sort of belief or evil person. Both of these films characters, Max and Roy, convey fantasy through the same reason, being a hopeless romantic and suicide, but for different objectives. Max and Roy have both ended in up in very unfortunate circumstances. They were once at their highest peak. Max used to be a successful film producer who discovered Norma Desmond and married her falling deeply in love. “That is my job. . . You must understand I discovered her when she was eighteen. I made her a star. I cannot let her be destroyed. It was I who asked to come back,…show more content…
Roy feels as though his life is over and he has nothing left to live for but because he is disabled he needs Alexandria. To get her to do his dirty work Roy tells her fictional stories that interest her but just as the stories gets exciting he stops and tells Alexandria the only way she can hear the rest is if she does him a favor. Roy has no concern for Alexandria wellbeing or emotions, he is selfish and only cares about getting what he needs. Unlike Roy, Max has all the care in the world for Norma Desmond. The fantasy life he portrays for Norma is all out of love and the will to keep her happy. Max’s fantasy comes from denial. One may say that Roy and Max use their fantasies as manipulation and that is a fair assumption to make. Even though the fantasies manipulate other characters, Roy’s manipulation comes from selfishness while Max’s comes from

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