Hollywood In Beowulf Essay

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Why did hollywood change the story of Beowulf? So why did hollywood change the story of beowulf? There are many different reasons why they would change the story, such as, they were just trying to change it to entertain the modern day people, also because that's just what hollywood does, they changer books or stories to what they think would get they the most views. People now a days are a tough crowd to please, there are certain things that make them interested in a movie or a book, hollywood was trying to change the book to make more people want to watch the movie, for example in the book Grendel slays the Danes in the night while they are sleeping so none of them have the chance to challenge him, in the movie Grendel bursts into Heorot in the night but the Danes are awake and they fully witness his killing. Hollywood changed the movie the way they did to help get…show more content…
They go in and take out and add in what they think should be replaced or taken out completely. For example the characters of the main heroes were changes a lot. In the movie Beowulf is a hollywood hero, he used his powers to make everyone think he was a true hero and he could get whatever woman he wanted. In the book people could see right passed all of that and they knew he was not as good as he likes to try to make himself out to be. The plot was also changed. In the movie Hrothgar killed himself and beowulf inherited Hrothgar's kingdom, which is the and of the Danes. In the poem Beowulf returned to his own land, which is the land of the geats. So basically the poem was a story about a “hero” who went to a land to kill a bloodthirsty monster and became a winner. The movie was basically a story of a “hero who goes to a strange land and saw the suicide of the king, he kills the prince and slept with the mother and then stayed to rule the
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