How Does Hollywood Affect Society

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There is no doubt that Hollywood has many influences on society especially on young age. The term “Hollywood” refers to the film industry where located to the west and northwest of downtown Los Angeles, California (“Where is Hollywood,” n.d.). Not only in Los Angeles that television shows and movies of Hollywood are popular but also all around the country and worldwide. The audiences of Hollywood’s products are in various age starting from little kids to elders. Hollywood has incredible ability to spread believes, cultures, morals and even political influence on society. As it has power to reach a huge number of people around the world. Hollywood is sometimes considered as a centre of news and knowledge. People watch movies and television shows to entertain themselves. Some parents use those…show more content…
Modern propaganda uses all the media such as television shows and movies to spread its message in order to influence people's attitudes and beliefs. Those messages is either true or a makeup information (Manzaria and Bruck, n.d.). Every filmmaker has their own tactics of shaping people's opinions. Under the name of Hollywood, all of the product released by them have such a potential control of public opinion. For example, according to Alternet Organization, Jesus has been described as the best known figure in history. If people mentioned the name “Jesus” and someone asked Jesus is who. People might blink or laugh. Even people who don’t think Jesus is God mostly believe they know how Jesus looks like. The most basic assumptions about Jesus showing on the media are probably wrong such as long hair, dress in white and tall (Tarico, 2015). Moreover, the belief of Thai people’s characteristics from foreigner. It is ridiculous that people who have not been to Thailand but have watched Thai movies assume that Thai people have dark skin and still using buffalo and cows as

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