Hollywood On Society Impact

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The impact of Hollywood on the society Hollywood has been around for many years, beginning in the early 20th century. Throughout the years it has evolved and has become one of the most influential sources of entertainment. Hollywood produces the most influential films in the World. This essay will look at the impact Hollywood has by analyzing the influence of celebrities, immoral values promoted in film, and the effect the industry has on culture.
Celebrities who continuously behave in a negative manner can have a negative impact on society. Dr Drew Pinsky discusses this when he coined the concept of the mirror effect. He explains that there is “potential for kids to mirror the misbehavior of celebrities we are bombarded in the media today” (“Mirror Effect”). Celebrities who behave badly by taking drugs, getting drunk in public or being abusive, serve as negative role models for teens, who may think it is cool to do the same. Because celebrities get so much attention when they commit these acts, it gives young people the wrong impression about acceptable behaviour and good life choices. Seeing celebrities rewarded for negative actions cannot be good for teenagers. Celebrities can either positively or negatively influence these impressionable teenagers. Because of the influence of celebrities on these youth it can be argued that they have the responsibility to be positive role models, after-all, it’s often teens who send a lot of money their way. Another example of

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