Hollywood Revival: The Golden Age Of Hollywood Revival

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Hollywood Revival While the generation of today is more focused on who wore what on the red carpet, some tend to forget the origins of modern fashion and how much of it has evolved from ideas that will soon be a 100 years old. Many actors nowadays neglect the common standard and look towards a unique style they can call their own, whereas many rely on commercial endorsement. Almost all the benchmarks followed by directors, actors and studios alike, come from, as most critics would agree, the golden age of Hollywood. Lasting from the 1920s-1960s, films produced between these years gave true recognition and uniqueness to US cinema. Also known as Classical Hollywood, these years provided the public with a sense of fashion like no other. We…show more content…
Not at all like today, an artist or performing artist would wear his own garments to move in, and Fred was no exemption. Some of his most well-known parts portray him in white or black tie, and it's exceptional that he could mix a specific level of easygoing quality into what may some way or another be hardened dress. However, his tailcoats by Anderson and Sheppard were cut, particularly for him with high armholes and sleeves set in a way so he could move in them. The tailcoat was unquestionably his trademark, however as Fred conceded in his autobiography Astaire, Steps in Time: “At the risk of disillusionment, I must admit that I don’t like top hats, white ties and…show more content…
Similar to James Dean, Brando’s standard was the pair of jeans with a leather jacket. Only difference between the two was the total bad-boy attitude that Brando carried. Rolled-up cuffs, leather boots and a bike to go with it, the rebellious fashion Brando introduced in the cinema echoed in the youth for a long, long time. Steve McQueen The “King of Cool” Steve McQueen was likewise known for having an anti-hero persona; however his way to deal with style was novel. Unlike Dean and Brando, McQueen exceeded expectations at taking traditionally un-insubordinate sportswear and giving it edge. In addition to leather jackets and jeans, Steve McQueen rocked pale colored button downs, cardigans, V-necks, polo-shirts, and khaki’s. His notable accessory was a couple of aviators. Steve McQueen was additionally known for slim-cut custom-made suits and was similarly gifted at sprucing up – which is the reason Rolex even named one of their most refined watches after
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