Hollywood Stereotypes

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Technology has overrun modern society. Privacy is a thing of the past. From 24 hour news cycles to social media all over the internet, the world we know has been transformed into a digital sanctuary where there is little to no seclusion. What goes on the web stays on the web; nothing is erased, nothing is forgotten or pushed aside, the public sees everything both positive and negative and social figures are at the center of it all. Whether or not they choose to be role models, these entertainment tycoons are the symbolization of the 21st century. Some rehash the idea that it is an individual 's choice to lead the social realm, but at a time like this, influence is not a preference.
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Nothing in this day and age can be concealed from the public eye, there is a record kept on almost everything no matter its significance and with criticism at every turn, one small mistake can turn today 's successes into tomorrow history. Recently in the world, athletic professionals have begun to be viewed as Hollywood stars; valued more for the entertainment they provide rather than the dedication they commit to the sport. With this they have also begun to be recognized as Hollywood stars; inspirational figures to admire, which is now holding them to a higher standard in their everyday life. Since in the past the masses adored the sport over the player, athletes were capable of getting away with small run-ins with the law because it didn 't have much of an effect on the league as a whole. Think of Babe Ruth, one of the most profound baseball players of all time was also incarcerated multiple times throughout his career for reckless driving, something we would never see nowadays. Managing the aftermath of fame is now just a component of the game and those too incompetent to apprehend this can quite easily eradicate not only their own but even the association 's expansion as a whole. Additionally, the public is extremely fickle when it comes to amusement and the heads of sport industries walk on thin ice. The spectators are the true boss and if something isn’t adequate to them, including participant demeanor, they’ll relinquish it. Consider boxing, horse racing, and even baseball as an example. In the early 20th century, these were among the most popular sports around, but by the start of the 21st century, these sensations have been rapidly declining due to drug exploitation, execrable behavior, and/or insufficiency. Of course, it is true that some people are better role models than others, with many having kids themselves, and that countless athletes are 19 or 20 (recent minors). Nonetheless, this does not mean they’re unaware of the basis that athletics are a

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