Hollywood's Contribution To Anti-Americanism

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Medved 's(2004) article, "That 's Entertainment: Hollywood 's Contribution to Anti-Americanism Abroad," discusses American films and its link to Anti-Americanism. He argues that the inaccurate portrayal of the American culture in Hollywood films has contributed to anti-American attitudes around many countries in the world. He believes that a primary factor behind this issue is that the media broadcasted to other countries do not accurately show the real culture and values of America. Instead the media portrays an exaggeration of the American culture through shows like Sex and the City that go on to show an America that is overdramatized with sexual relationships. He backs his argument through a very credible source, which was an analysis, conducted in Washington DC at the Center of Media and Public Affairs. He states, “On television, depictions of sex outside marriage are nine to fourteen times more common than dramatizations of marital sex.” (p. 259) this analysis shows that media has led to Anti-Americanism. Film directors now shift their focus towards a more eye appealing direction, by producing intense movies that highlights behavior that is extremely violent. This violent portrayal has displaced the views and opinions of other people from overseas to such a point that they find it offensive at times. Medved(2004) further gives an example to back his argument when he stated “A recent traveler in rural Indonesia met a ten-year-old boy who, discovering the American

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