Holmes And Rhye Case Study

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1. Identify the three stages of Selye’s general adaptation syndrome.

Alarm: Refer to the first stage of stress where body prepare organisms to do what they have to do in order of protected itself of survive.

Resistance: It is the stage when the “body adapts to the continued presence of stressor”

Exhaustion: Occurs when the organism that were useful during the other two stages now starting to become a threat to the body. Now the person is vulnerable to certain diseases and possible irreversible damage may occur.

2. Discuss the links between stress and illness.
The more a person is connected to an episode of stress either, personal physical or emotional, the most changes occurred internally exposing the body to possibilities of acquiring any diseases, either flu or a cardiovascular attack. “Stress changes immune system and hormones might create greater vulnerability to infection”.
“Chronic stress is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, and early death” (Kiecolt- Glaser & others, 2004)
3. Describe the scale designed by Holmes and Rahe, what it aims to measure, and whether it is successful.
The scale measure the possible cumulative cluster
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What is your reaction to this chapter? My first reaction was connected to myself and my own experiences, I noticed that in daily basis sometimes we are not actually conscious and how stress affects our body and how we need to release it out of our body. After taking Holmes’s test I realized I have been exposed to a lot of stress on the past year and lately I have been working on let everything fluid in the natural way. I have set my mind to not somatize the results otherwise I would be really ill by tomorrow, instead, I am looking for a more life healthy style do my organism gets stronger. I really like the chapter it clarified each person moves through episodes of stress differently and that’s what it is important to detect that something that may work for me, may have a different reaction in someone
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