Holmes Argumentative Essay: The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

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Sherlock Holmes Argumentative Essay While Sherlock Holmes habitually portrayed a considerate, helpful man, it was certain he felt not a twinge of guilt concerning the death of Dr. Grimesby Roylott. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story entitled “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” features the famous detective with a shocking turn of events during the resolution, when it was revealed Sherlock Holmes was responsible for a poisonous snake bringing the end of Dr. Roylott’s hostile life. This event did not catalyze shame inside of him, though, as each man felt harsh despising towards one another. Furthermore, Sherlock Holmes could not have known the snake would kill Dr. Roylott. Lastly, it was the irrational decision of Dr. Roylott that caused his death, arguably more than Sherlock Holmes’ cane did. Therefore, the detective could not possibly experience guilt do the passing of Dr. Roylott, an enemy of his. It is evident Sherlock Holmes felt no guilt regarding the death of Dr. Roylott, purely due to the fact that the detective loathed him severely. Various sections of textual evidence present Dr. Roylott’s cruel character to establish this animosity between the two men. This was first introduced in the…show more content…
Roylott’s passing, though the detective felt no remorse concerning this fact. Dr. Roylott was a despicable man, whose numerous crimes created an abhorrence between him and Sherlock Holmes. While the detective did despise Dr. Roylott, the death was still an accident, as Sherlock Holmes could not predict the snake would end up biting its master, only to have its venom kill him just seconds later. Finally, it was Dr. Roylott’s own choice to continue to send the snake through the ventilator, even when he was aware he was suspected of the murder. In the end, Dr. Roylott eventually met the unfortunate fate he rightfully deserved; the hero Sherlock Holmes could not possibly feel any guilt towards this
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