Holmesburg Prison Essay

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From 1896 up until 1995 the Holmesburg Prison in Pennsylvania was in constant use. Much of the history at Holmesburg’s contains instances of rioting, murder, rape and even medical experimentation. Most prisons claim some violence in their past but Holmesburg’s borders on barbaric. Maybe this strong negative energy is what keeps the ghosts of Holmesburg Prison so active. There was a hunger strike held in 1938. As a disciplinary action, the 25 leaders of the hunger strike was put in a section of the prison called the Bake Ovens or Klondike. In mid-August the heat reached 190 degrees. After 2 ½ days the doors were opened and four inmates had, according to the coroners own words, “roasted to death”. After an investigation ten officials and guards…show more content…
Kligman carried out tests tests involving toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, skin creams, detergents, liquid diets, eye drops, foot powders and hair dye. As a result the prisoners had to endure frequent painful procedures as constant biopsies to check progress. Kligman used inmates in the early testing of Retin-A as well. The U.S Army paid Kligman in 1967 to apply chemicals that caused the skin to blister to the faces and backs of inmates. Kligman said it was to"learn how the skin protects itself against chronic assault from toxic chemicals, the so-called hardening process." It seems the ghosts of Holmesburg Prison are still living the nightmares of the past. Neighbors have reported hearing loud screams coming from behind the large stone wall surrounding the prison. Also they claim to here sounds of gunfire and rioting and guards still standing guard in the towers on top of the wall. Most who come to Holmesburg Prison get the impression of a heavy energy throughout the prison. It is not uncommon to hear doors slamming and hear audible voices echoing through the halls. Claims of electric devices malfunctioning and batteries draining are also a common occurrence. There are claims by guards of seeing full figure apparitions in the prison even before it closed its doors and even on the hottest days of summer, parts of the prison stay so cold it would make you
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