Holocaust Argumentative Essay

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“Why dwell upon the study of the Holocaust when history is loaded with other tragedies? Because the Holocaust was unique. This is not to say that other tragedies were less horrible, only that the Holocaust was different and should not be compared and trivialized,” the author noted (Tarnor Wacks 9). A mere 71 years ago a defining feature of world history took place, in concentration camps across Eastern and Western Europe. 6 million Jews were ripped out of their homes and ultimately murdered. It is imperative that we remember the Holocaust because the magnitude of this tragedy is astronomical and shouldn’t be forgotten. Most young children today are ignorant about what happened during the Holocaust. There was no escape for Jews, they were…show more content…
Today genocide is still occurring all around us. R.J. Rummel notes, “most probably near 170,000,000 people have been murdered in cold-blood by in the wake of war from genocide,” (Rummel). For this reason the Holocaust and many other examples should be taught in homes around the world. This subject shouldn’t be studied to terrify children or adults but to teach what happens when a whole nation follows a leader blindly. It is to the utmost importance that we never again fall for a scene of mass murder. Critics argue that the Holocaust was “hoax”. According to experts a hoax is a, “plan to deceive someone, such as telling the police there is a bomb somewhere when there really isn’t,” (Cambridge English Dictionary). If the Holocaust was just a fictional story told from generation to generation then how can you argue with the cold hard facts and statistics. Remains of concentration camps, human ashes and bones, pictures of piles of clothes and shoes, and person stories. Wacks notes , “If you are still skeptical about the value of Holocaust education and remembrance, consider this. Study of the Holocaust has helped many people confront their own prejudices. This is the first step in combating discrimination,” (Tarnar Wacks 14). Whether you agree or not you can’t argue with the past. What has happened has happened and all we can do is learn from our mistakes and strive to prevent
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