Holocaust Child Essay

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Holocaust Child Essay It all started on an average day. Nobody thought of anything to come, but everyone was wrong! BANG! Was about how fast the Germans took over in January 1933. It was the time period a little before World War II that Adolf Hitler would soon be telling everyone the news. Hitler was just an ordinary man who wanted everyone to believe the so called “horrors” about the Jews. Hitler had wanted to make sure the Jews wouldn’t interfere with anything the Christians did and by that, he had made it a point to kill as many Jews as possible. At the time, many knew nothing about the terrible horrors of the Holocaust to come. “Many Jews were forced into hiding or concentration camps. Many Jews were forced to work or starve until they…show more content…
As the soldiers were coming into the poor family’s house, “Jeannine Burk’s father had quickly got taken away. The rest of the Burk family had to watch their beloved father get thrown into a truck, and be carried away. The rest of the soldiers were bound to take Jeannine’s mother and sister, but decided to come back for them later.” (Dickens). After this horrible scene, Jeannine’s mother knew they had to leave their old life behind, and try to blend in with the Christian way of life. Jeannine had to hide with a Christian lady a little ways away from her old home. Jeannine’s mother worked as a “Christian” nurse and Jeannine’s little sister went away because she was so sick. Jeannine, though, had to stay with this Christian lady for two whole years. She was not allowed to go outside or be in the warm sunlight of the vibrant days that she had missed. Most of Jeannine’s childhood would be spent up in the attic of this new home. Whenever parades would go about, she was forced to go to the outside bathroom, in case of an unwanted search of the house. During this time of hardship, Jeannine Burk found herself very lonely at times. She had no way of communicating with the outside world or knowing what might be happening to her
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