Holocaust Children

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The Children of the Holocaust Over 1.5 million children from across Europe were murdered under the Nazi regime. Understanding how Jewish children were treated, how Nazi children were treated, and if children from other countries or races were affected by this will help us have more insight on this topic. Jewish children 's lives were greatly affected by the Nazi regime. Their lives changed dramatically when the Nazi’s came into power in 1933. The Nazi’s removed the civil of the Jews, and this greatly affected the Jewish children. There was more than 1.2 million Jewish children that were murdered during this time. One of the first laws that affected children greatly was the Law Against Overcrowding In German Schools and Universities. They…show more content…
On November 15, 1938, all Jewish children were banned from going to German schools. They did make schools just for the Jews but they were in very bad conditions. On July 7,1942 the Jewish schools were closed for good. They close the schools right after the first deportation of Jews took place. The first deportations were to the East.
By 1939, there was four basic steps that could describe the fate of Jewish children. The first was the ones who were killed right when they arrived at concentration camps or killing centers. The second was the ones who were killed immediately following birth. The third were the lucky ones who were born in ghettos, but survived. The fourth and final step was the children, who were usually above the age of 10, who were used as laborers or prisoners. They were also used as subjects for Nazi medical experiments (“Children During 2”).
Young children were called “useless eaters” because they were too young to do any work. The children that were too young to do any work were sent to gas chambers right away. They were also the first victims to go to mass graves, at which they would be shot. Thousands of Jewish children were shot and killed at mass graves. Also many Jewish children died as the result of medical experiments that were performed on them. 5000 to 7000 children died as the result of the euthanasia program (“Children During
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They hid in secret closets or sewers (“Children”). They also hid in attics or cellars (“Jewish”). The children had to be very quiet and even motionless for long periods at a time. The children missed out on many of the experiences of childhood. This affected them greatly by the end of the war (“Children”). There were children who escaped with family members or even sometimes by themselves to family camps run by Jewish people. There was also some non-Jewish people who hid Jewish children. These people sometimes hid the family too, but that was rare (“Children During 1”). Also some children would hide their identities by living with German families. They would have to act to be Christian. Some Jewish children even lived in convents (“Children”). The Kindertransport, or children’s transport, was used as a rescue effort. It brought thousands of Jewish children to safety. The children were brought without their parents to Great Britain. Once they got there, non-Jews hid the children(“Children During 2”). The children that were being taken were between the ages of 3 and 17. For each child to be taken on the Kindertransport, the Nazi’s were paid 50 pounds or approximately 250 dollars. Almost 10,00 children were transported on the Kindertransport
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