Holocaust Essay: Saturday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Saturday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked 73 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The memories of the six million Jewish martyrs who were slain must live in our minds every day of the year. Despite the progress we Jews have made since the dark days of Nazi Germany, antisemitism remains a consistent problem across the globe. We can look to Israel for hope, where the Star of David flies high above a mighty Jewish State. We can look to the (near) universal condemnation of the neo Nazi marches in Charlottesvilles. But ignoring the signs of burgeoning hatred (particularly in Europe) will surely be a detriment to our people.
We Jews must admit that the largest threat facing our people today is not from right wing, neo Nazi antisemites. For years now, Jews across Europe have been attacked and threatened, in large part due to Muslim extremists and radical leftists.
Contrary to Islamic antisemitism, Nazism is a despicable ideology of the past , forever (G-d willing) discarded into the ashbin of history. Of course, this does not mean we should ever forget the atrocities committed by Hitler.
Today though, so-called ‘anti-Zionism’ is the greatest threat to the Jewish people. For example, violence against Jews increased following
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Never let the faces, names, and stories of the millions of martyrs vanish from your memory. Never convince yourself that today, the world is too forward-thinking to commit, or allow, another Holocaust. It can happen again, and will happen again if we forget history. And remember this: most of the world sat by idly as Hitler marched onward with his genocide. Once again today, most of the world does not care about threats facing the Jewish people, whose sole state is threatened with annihilation daily. The late Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion said the following in September 1944, and his words shall ring on for

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