Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Saturday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked 73 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The memories of the six million Jewish martyrs who were slain must live in our minds every day of the year. Despite the progress we Jews have made since the dark days of Nazi Germany, antisemitism remains a consistent problem across the globe. We can look to Israel for hope, where the Star of David flies high above a mighty Jewish State. We can look to the (near) universal condemnation of the neo Nazi marches in Charlottesvilles. But ignoring the signs of burgeoning hatred (particularly in Europe) will surely be a detriment to our people.
We Jews must admit that the largest threat facing our people today is not
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Of course, this does not mean we should ever forget the atrocities committed by Hitler.
Today though, so-called ‘anti-Zionism’ is the greatest threat to the Jewish people. For example, violence against Jews increased following Trump’s courageous Jerusalem decision. Jerusalem is where our temples stood, our kings ruled, and where our people have yearned to return for two thousand years in the diaspora. Yet, despite the unbreakable bond between the holy city and Judaism, Muslim extremists and their left-wing allies across the globe resorted to bigotry and violence following the announcement. They mask their hatred of Jews under the guise of hatred of Israel, the one and only Jewish state.
On December 10th, four days after the President’s decision, a synagogue in Gothenburg, Sweden, was firebombed by three pro-Palestinian terrorists. Fortunately, no one was injured. The day before, hundreds of antisemites, waving Palestinian flags, gathered in Malmo, Sweden. Antisemitism is nothing new in Sweden, or in any other supposedly ‘liberal’ European country. Recently, the Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece, was desecrated with the words “Free
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The most glaring example of antisemitism from the European left is the UK Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn, the Marxist party leader, infamously called Hamas and Hezbollah “friends” back in 2016. A poll from this past August shows that over 80% of British Jews believe the Labour Party has an antisemitism problem, while a mere 19% believed the same about PM May’s center-right Conservatives.
Thus far, America has largely been spared from this wave of left-wing antisemitism. However, we cannot let down our guard. Remember, the Deputy Chair of the DNC has ties to the Nation of Islam, and Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March has bemoaned the “Jewish media” for disparaging both her and Hitler-lover Louis Farrakhan. The silence from Jewish leaders on this is deafening. Code Pink, a far left ‘activist’ group, makes Israel bashing their number one priority, going as far as to support terrorists like Rasmea Odeh. And if you recall, liberal websites such as Daily Kos labeled Jewish Senator Schumer a traitor and “Israel firster” when he opposed the Iran Deal in
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