Holocaust: Eugenics And Concentration Camps

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Eugenics and Concentration Camps Most people have a common knowledge on the holocaust, and about the horrible things that happened with it, but to what extent? Therefore, I will be typing this paper about Hitler; his beliefs and intentions on the concentration camps. I will also be typing about the concentration camps, how they formed, the way people were treated, how the people got there, and how eugenics was used in the concentration camps and in other countries too. Concentration camps did not start out as a location where the Jews were tricked and or forced to enter. But instead, concentration camps started out as a location Germans were sent to when they oppose fascism that Hitler was trying to make Germany become instead of a Republic…show more content…
The four major principles that doctors would look for are insanity, feeble-minded, epilepsy, poverty, alcoholism and certain forms of criminality. They believed that all of these were hereditary, and they used Darwin’s theory of revolution to support that this would help and that these are hereditary. Although, most if not all the requirements they had so the person would be forced to be sterilized were environmental and not hereditary but they did not have enough technology nor information to prove if it was or…show more content…
He believed you had to be white, blue eyes, and blond haired. Hitler quoted and used american eugenics in a lot of what he did. Many Germans were also forced to be sterilized if they had any of disorders or disabilities, but the thing he did different was he would send some of the sterilized people he saw as “lesser” to gas chambers to be killed. In 1940’s is when eugenics got bad in Germany. There was roughly 5,000 sterilizations a month. Germans were taken from elderly homes mental institutions, or other any other institutions in the state. All of these Germans were put in gas chambers to die.
The concentration camps were not set up in Germany, but in other countries. The local police were the ones to gather everyone to be sent off to the camps, if someone did not follow or stepped out of line they would then be shot and killed. Not only jews were sent there, but Jews were still the majority of the camps. Others would be people with disorders and disabilities, or people who are homosexual, Polish, captured from the Soviet Union, French, Communist, Socialist, trade unionist, Roma, and common
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