Holocaust Extermination Camp Sobibor

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Holocaust Essay The second extermination camp to come into action through the Nazi "operation Reinhard " was the extermination camp Sobibor. The sobibor death camp was accepted in March 1942. The death camp was situated in the district of Poland, so the people from outside wouldn 't see what the SS officers or Nazis were doing to the Jews. There was this railroad to the Sobibor death camp that the Jews in the train passed through it. Some of the jews in the train didn 't know what was going to happen when they arrived to the camp, but some knew what was going to happen because they had heard news from people of what the nazis had and are going to do to the Jews. It must of have been the scariest day for the Jews who had arrived at the death camp. Frang Stangl was a first commandant who had managed about 700 Jewish workers occupied nonpermanent to service the camp. He was an SS officer and in April 1942 he had arrived to take command at sobibor. Frang Stangl had instructed only 20-30 SS men he had picked mostly from the T4 program. Frang Stangl had commanded 200-300 Jews to work in teams at the gas chambers and burial pits. Those 200-300 had done a lot of work like clean the killing rooms, remove gold teeth…show more content…
Sobibor death camp actually consisted of two camps which were divided into three parts. The first camp was administration camp, the second camp was barracks and storage, and the third camp was the extermination burial and crematorium section. The camp was formed of a 400m x 600m rectangle, and it had been surrounded by a 3m high double barbed-wire fence. It was covered with pine branches to prevent examination from the outside. The Jews who had arrived to the death camp had to go through vary operations to go into the gas chamber. First dividing according to sex, the abandon of the suitcases, the taking away of possessions and precious little things, eliminating of clothing, and finally the cutting of women 's
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