Holocaust Heroes: Miep Gies During The Holocaust

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Holocaust Heroes - Miep Gies. The holocaust was the worst genocide ever realized on earth, it left millions of victims dead. Thousands of people helped this horrible and non human movement to be executed, the German Politics, SS police, German Soldiers and other organizations, but not everyone let Hitler’s propaganda and speeches influence on them, A lot of people helped thousands of Jews to hide during the war. Nazi-sponsored persecution and mass murder fueled resistance to the Germans in the Third Reich itself and throughout occupied Europe. Although Jews were the Nazis ' primary victims, they too resisted Nazi oppression in a variety of ways, both collectively and as individuals.Miep was a Dutch citizen who was recognized…show more content…
Although she was initially only to stay for six months, this stay was extended to one year because of frail health, after which she chose to remain with them, living the rest of her life in the Netherlands.Miep became the biggest support for the family while they were hiding for 2 years and the One who found Anne’s Diary after the war ended.Miep Gies helped hide Otto and Edith Frank, their daughter Margot and Anne, Herman and his Husband Auguste Van Pels, their son Peter, and Fritz in several upstairs rooms in the company 's office building on Amsterdam.Gies said she was glad to help the families hide because she was extremely concerned about them seeing what was happening to the Jews in Amsterdam. Every day, she saw trucks loaded with Jews heading to the railway station from where the trains left for Nazi concentration camps. She did not tell anyone, not even her own foster parents, about the people in hiding whom she was assisting.When purchasing food for the people in hiding, Gies…show more content…
How was it decided who was going to hide in the Annex? -Otto decided it. Why did you choose to help the Franks to hide? -I did it because I saw no alternative, and I would have a in happy life and sleepless night if I refused, also because they were such a good friends and I loved them Did your husband agree with you of helping the family? -He was full agree, he even helped me to visit them and give them supplies. Did anyone ever suspected that you were hiding people? -No one, not even my parents, I always bought the food at different stores all over the place, not buying everything at the same place calories How did you manage to live when you were giving most of your food away? -I had to buy food in the "black" market. My husband Jan also helped by providing me with so-called ration cards he had obtained illegally. I also knew suppliers, like for instance the greengrocer, who understood what I was doing and would help as much as he could. I understand that you got food for the people in hiding. But, how exactly did you get enough food for everyone in hiding and yourself? I felt permanent concern regarding the food situation. By visiting several grocery
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