Holocaust-Medical Experiments During World War II

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During World War II, multiple tragedies occurred, such as the medical experiment that Jews and other cultures witnessed. The holocaust is truly an insult to humanity. (remember.org) Freezing, Burning, Injections, Surgeries, are just some of the many experiments that took place. This concept was definitely hard to believe that something like that would actually happen. Surgery during this time was thought to be insane, and unthought of. Freezing and hypothermia was in higher command, some could even be Nazi’s so that they could prepare for the cold weather on the Eastern front. Two kinds of freezing, icy vat or the victims would go outside naked, where there was below freezing weather. The ice vat was used for the healthier and stronger group of the Jewish and Russian population. The young person would have to strip naked to prepare for the experiment, then they would be…show more content…
They would take twins, some as young as five years old,and killed them after their experimentation and their bodies were dissected. Doctors in the death camps would drop chemicals into the child’s eyes to see if they would change color, (“Holocaust-Medical Experiments). More experiments that were done to twins would be when they sewed them together,to make Siamese twins, but their hands would get infected, and they were later gassed. The would perform surgeries without anesthesia.
The holocaust caused a lot of trauma, for many people and races, and is still affecting people and their families today. With all the terrible burning, freezing, injections, and surgeries, it 's hard to realize that things like that actually happened. To today’s standards, all of the things that they did during World War II would be considered illegal in most countries. Especially under most cruel and unusual laws, if any of this were to happen in the United
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