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The National Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington, D.C., or District of Columbia, is located between Virginia and Maryland on the north bank of the Potomac River. It’s the home of the three branches of government as well with the White House, Supreme Court, and the Capital Building. For the layout of Washington D.C., George Washington himself made the city in a diamond shape. The city spans 68 square miles with a population of 601,723 (History.com). It also has many memorials that today we still visit. One of them is the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, or also known as the USHMM.
Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933, which ended Germany’s old way of government. He used propaganda to show his politically racist agenda and used violence to
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“It was chartered by a unanimous act of Congress in 1980, and opened in 1933.” James Ingo Freed and partners designed the building (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 2). People all over the world have made their own Holocaust Memorials to pay their respect to (Wikipedia.org). The word “Holocaust” itself comes from the Greek words “Holos”, meaning whole, and “Kaustos”, meaning burned (History.com). “It is 161 feet wide, 312 feet long, 91 feet tall, and is 265,000 square feet in size”. The museum cost was approximately 168 million dollars just to build (ushmm.org). It has 12,000 artifacts and over 49 million pages of documentation concerning the Holocaust…show more content…
The museum has bible verses throughout it to somewhat explain the horror of the Holocaust (ushmm.org). The Permanent Exhibition, which is on three floors, has three parts to it; Nazi Assault, Final Solution, and Last Chapter. They all show the death that The Allies saw when they liberated the concentration camps in 1945. The Permanent Exhibition uses 70 video monitors, eye witness testimony, and 900 artifacts from the Holocaust ( The Holocaust 2). The Hall of Remembrance, which is at the end of the tour, is America’s Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Another memorial to the Holocaust is the Children’s Tile Wall, made up by young students, to honor the children growing up in the concentration camps. Every now and then the USHMM makes up a new special exhibition like Remembrance of the Holocaust, Genocide, and more. The “Some Were Neighbors Collaboration and Complicity of the Holocaust” Special Exhibition shows how ordinary people supported the Nazis without even knowing it. Their exhibitions on Genocide tell people what it is and how they can stop Genocide from happening again (ushmm.org).
Washington, D.C is a good place to visit memorials and museums. There is a large variety of museums to choose from in the nation’s capital. The National Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of them to choose from. The building itself is well sized

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