Holocaust Persuasive Speech

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Imagine being on the run for fourteen days, no food, no water and no stopping. Your running until the point where your legs become numb, and you cannot take the flaming taste of a dry mouth and burning bleeding lips. This was the case for a twenty five year old man who was forced to leave his town immediately or else death was instant. This man was fleeing a genocide in Myanmar, this happened just last year. Good morning 8A and Ms. Cosman. Today, I am here to talk about the significance of the two words never forget. It is crucial that we never forget the Holocaust so that we can learn important lessons to avoid future genocides. Unfortunately, to this day genocides are happening all around the world. It is important that we know why these…show more content…
An excellent example of this is the Rwandan genocide that happened in 1994. Although this massacre only went on for one hundred days, the Hutus managed to kill over eight hundred thousand Tutis. If the genocide went on for longer at that rate, over millions of people would have been killed in just a few years. In addition, another genocide happened just twenty years earlier in Cambodia. A communist group called the Khmer Rouge believed that Cambodia was ruled by the educated like doctors, lawyers as well as muslims. They killed over 1.7 million people by intense work and no food. This can relate to the tactics that the Nazis used in the Holocaust to torture the Jews. Hard work with little or no food at all. Sadly, there is still a genocide happening right now in Sudan. A pregnant women named Darsalam ran away from growing flames in her village in Darfur and escaped to Chad, the country west of Sudan. However, she was forced to give birth to her child in the middle of desert, her childs only home has been the refugee camp they live in. We all want peace in this world, but it will certainly not be achieved if mass murders keep happening all across the
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