Holocaust Reaction Paper

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The Holocaust is a terribly tragic event that has effected the lives of all Jewish people. Although the Holocaust took place approximately 70 years ago, we must never forget those who have lost their lives during the Holocaust and the mark it has left on our Jewish society.

I have learnt and spoken about the Holocaust each year at school, although I do not attend a jewish high school the school board understands how important it is to discuss and learn about this tragedy in history. I have heard so many of the terrible stories and facts about the Holocaust. My teachers have spoken about the different concentration camps and the torture methods that have been put upon the Jews. Personally, each time I hear about the stories, the facts and the articles about the Holocaust I am not struck with emotions because it almost doesn’t seem real to me. It’s extremely hard for the mind to process
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Me along all my classmates had sat in silence, all of us shocked at what we had seen that day. For me, being able to physically walk through a replica of the gas chambers and the rooms the Jews were shoved in makes the Holocaust stick with me even more and I am constantly thinking about what my grandparents along with the rest of an older Jewish generation had been through. Therefore it is extremely necessary to maintain the museums, the gas chambers, the train road the Jews have traveled etc. for people to really have an emotional awakening and to have a better understanding about the Holocaust and what had really happened, it’s not enough to just hear stories and look at images. Without these museums and other Holocaust remembrance places slowly I think people will begin to forget about the Holocaust, especially in 10 years when there will be no more survivors left to tell there
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