Holocaust Reflection Essay

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Ever since the Egyptians enslaved them in Egypt, the Jews endured through centuries of hate and persecution no matter where they went. The early Jews who settled in modern-day Israel, were often attacked by other nations and lived by their rules and laws, but always kept on praising Yahweh despite if the rulers of Jerusalem allowed them to practice their religion or not. Even after the Great Temple was destroyed twice, the Jews persevered, and found new ways of practicing their faith without the Great Temple. Two themes of Jewish history are persecution and perseverance since no matter how much they were persecuted and hated, they always found a way to persevere and continue their faith. The way the Jews and another group of people were treated…show more content…
Another emotion I felt was disgust. How can so many nations discriminate a group of people just based on their beliefs alone? Especially the Holocaust, millions of innocents, including women and children killed not only if they were Jewish, but if they even if they had a grandparents who was Jewish for no other reason than their religion. Of course I felt compassion and sympathy, especially for the millions killed or affected by the Holocaust, especially since many of the victims of the Holocaust experienced intense work little food, and extremely poor living conditions. Another group of people who experienced persecution in the past and still do, are blacks. Both Jews and blacks were enslaved and discriminated in the past, and are still today by hate groups. Both groups were pushed around and used up until just a few decades ago. Black people in South Africa had basically no rights and the first all race election was held only in 1994, while Jews had rights stripped from them in Nazi Germany. The fast that discrimination continues today makes me feel furious, with all our modern day technology and the ability to look back in history and see some things that have happened because of discrimination I feel like discrimination should be a thing of the
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