Holocaust Research Project: The Holocaust

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The Holocaust Research Project The Holocaust was the world’s largest known genocide with over 11 million victims. (Bachrach 10) The first kidnapping spree of Jews started in Germany on January 30, 1933, which later spread to Austria, Poland, and eventually Czechoslovakia. (Altman 5) People in Germany were not very aware of what was happening until November 9, 1938, when over 30,000 Jews were killed and 190 synagogues were burned to the ground. (USHMM “Holocaust Overview”) Kristallnacht, or the night of broken glass, was an eye opener for how extreme the Nazi armies were. Many Jews were captured, Germans were beaten, and glass from hundreds of shops and buildings littered the ground. (Shuman 27) Jews, however, were not the only people targeted. A man named Adolf Hitler believed that anyone who was Jewish, a gypsy, crippled, or disabled was considered a disgrace to the German population. Anyone who fits into one of these categories would be picked up by a Nazi soldier to be taken to the ghettos. If not, they were lucky enough to be an Aryan. Hitler thought Aryans were the perfect people who deserved to live. (Bachrach 9-10) This was only the beginning of a traumatic experience for the citizens of Germany and the surrounding countries. The Holocaust is a time in history when millions of people were persecuted in Europe by being sent to live in ghettos and eventually being deported to concentration camps where they were systematically annihilated until the Allied

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