Holocaust Survivors: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Prior to World War 2 Jewish people were the main family or culture that the Nazi’s been feeding off of and killing approximately 6,000 each day. Which led to 6.5 million Jews dead at the end of the war and a few survivors. Although one of these few survivors was Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank, Diarist of one of the most famous diaries, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” World War 2 was a devastating event that changed how Jews lived because because they were said to be “Divergent.”

How I felt about the events covered in the Diary of Anne Frank was dramatically depressing. On how Anne lived her life in silence. In the Diary of Anne Frank, pg.17 lines 34-36, Anne states, “It’s the silence that frightens me most. Every time I hear a creak in the
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