Holocaust Survivour Poem Meaning

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Kimel hopes against hope that in the future the people will fight against each other. Regardless of the symbols divergent to our opinion regarding the nation we should have hope and belief of a better world or future will dawn. With this positive note we are sure that all the mishaps and hazards faced by the victims so far will vanish and evaporate with expectation of independence in the near future: When it will be, I do not know, but Despite all the signs to the contrary. In the dawn of a Better World, I do believe. (TCHS) We need to look squarely at the dark side of the human behaviour and at the same time hold onto the vision of human possibility. These two poems make me feel both angry and sad in a way. They make me feel angry…show more content…
It further portrays the belief in mankind regardless of the horrid acts committed in the camps. Two poems of Alexander Kimel namely, ‘I cannot forget’ and ‘The Creed of a Holocaust Survivour’ are taken for this paper. The poet is a Holocaust survivour. The poems analyse the action in the Ghetto of Rohatyn, in March in the year 1942. The poems are full of despair and they all reflect his need ensure the unspeakable acts committed during the Holocaust are not forgotten. The poem is about a raid of a ghetto in the Holocaust. People were petrified just because of their religion and over twelve million people died. People were afraid to do anything wrong, because if they did they would be killed, or sent to a working concentration camp. The poems show how petrified people were of fear of the Nazis. Nobody was happy and as mentioned, food was insufficient to go around, no medical care was given and everyone was scared to death. The poems speak volumes of what effects discrimination, prejudice and anti-Semitism can have on the victims’, and also what the causes of some of these uprisings in history. Alexander Kimel like a phoenix rises from the ashes to infuse the essential drive for the
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