Holocaust Visual Analysis

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The Holocaust is one of the most memorable tragedies known to this day. Many people are very uneducated to this day about what really happened during the Holocaust and how these people were treated. An estimated 6 million Jews were murdered during this time. Just that shows how brutal and heartless some people can be towards other human beings. Millions of Jews were treated extremely inhumane and were executed like animals. Many historians try and explain to people how horrible this time was but sometimes words don’t make quiet the connection. Using pictures from this time show a lot more than words can explain. Pictures reach an internal level that words just can’t reach. Pictures are a lot more vivid and when a person can visualize something…show more content…
They appear to be standing aside merely watching. The one lady is wearing a white apron with a collar around the neck. Also a long light colored shirt underneath of the apron with black pants and a pair of boots. She looks somewhat like a nurse of some sort. Or some type of medical assistant. There are numerous other women in the background that all seem to be middle aged. They also seem to be standing aside but not involved with the bodies. Everyone that is captured in this picture looked to be about their twenties which is when the human body is most sufficient when it comes to work. There are no younger children because there really is no place for kids during this time. All of the men are used for work and children aren’t capable of that. Children were usually killed because they were seen as having no use and when something had no use in the Holocaust it was removed. In the background of this picture there are small wooden buildings that can be seen as poorly built. These buildings are most likely sleeping barracks and were assigned a large amount of Jews. These sleeping conditions were one of the most unhealthy and inhumane facilities. They were poorly built and had no insulation what so ever which meant these people had to sleep under the conditions of freezing temperatures. They were crammed into these tiny buildings and were practically sleeping on top of one
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