Holocaust War Criminal Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered why holocaust war criminals were imprisoned? Many holocaust war criminals would will be remembered for the acts they committed, the reasons behind their crimes and the consequences they faced. After World War II, in the beginning winter of 1942 the Allied powers announced their determination to punish the holocaust war criminals. The allied powers issued the first joint of declaration to prosecute those responsible for their crimes against humanity."The IMT defined crimes against humanity as murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds." Holocaust war criminals have escaped their prosecutions of the murder of six million Jews and have fled to different continents around the world(Pruitt).They have been on the run for years now and many were caught, but there are still a few out there. Others killed themselves before to avoid being…show more content…
For example, there is a man named Alois Brenner a holocaust war criminal has been living in Syria for years now and is unpunished due to the refusal of the Syrian government to cooperate(Zuroff). He was born in 1912 and last seen is in 2001 the probability of him being alive is very low. He was a "key operative of Adolf Eichmann, and responsible for deportation of Jews from Austria, Greece, France, and Slovakia to Nazi death camps."(Zuroff) A few other holocaust war criminals were able to escape their punishments for their crimes for various reasons. To elaborate, another man named Hans Lipschis was accused of crimes against humanity, but was unable to stand trial because he had dementia and is unfit to stand trail. As a result, holocaust war criminals die out soon there will die without punishment.(Zuroff) In conclusion, those are the acts they committed and the punishments they

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