Holtzman Chapter 3 Summary

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In Holtzman Chapter 3, I found it interesting how the author points out that the poorest neighborhoods, example used being Compton, CA, will have more than triple the interest rates on a short term loan than that of a not so poor neighborhood. My reaction when reading this was one of sadness, but also one of anger as I thought of a few things. You would think first off that the poorest neighborhoods would have mostly state government housing (here in South Dakota it is called Section 8 housing) to where things like a home loan wouldn’t be needed, but then you would also think there would be rules on this lending practice that would make it illegal for someone to jack up the interest rates on a home? I also enjoyed reading the section where the author used different phrases from John Scalzi to bring home the point that we don’t always understand what the poor goes through, and sometimes maybe it is even hard for us to describe. Some of the phrases used I have witnessed firsthand growing up—I have had the friends that were scared to go through the lunch line because they had to tell the lunch worker that they are on the free lunch program, and I even related one phrases to my current situation of managing where I…show more content…
I do think that we are more acceptable of a society than ever before I mean, you have LGBT genre shows and movies as a category on Netflix, and you have hosts like Thomas Roberts of MSNBC anchoring news broadcasting. I do think if you go through time you will see how the messages have changed—having watched an old sitcom from the 70’s called SOAP, you see how the attitudes of the other characters are to the gay/crossdressing Billy Crystal are. Today though, take the show Modern Family and how accepting characters and viewers alike are of the idea of this Modern Family, this LGBT
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