Holy Cow My Indian Adventure Short Story

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Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure By Sarah Macdonald. Batam, division of The Random House Australia Pty Ltd. (61-63 Uxbridge Road, London W5 5SA) ISBN 978-0-7679-1574-8, 2004, 319 pp, UK £8.99 (Paperback) Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure is a story of a Australian journalist, Sarah Macdonald who goes along with her then boyfriend, Jonathan Harley a correspondent for Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC) and return to India. Sarah is famous as a political correspondent at the Australia Broadcasting Radio News, Triple J, hosting several television production at ABC. She is currently working as a Senior Editor at Debrief Daily. In her early twenties, Sarah backpacked her way around India. It give her a lasting impression of torridity, pollution and destitution of India. When at the airport, a beggar read her palm and told her that she would return to India for love in the future which she obviously did not believe him. It is then and there she decided that she detested India. She vowed…show more content…
Utilizing some of the ABC contacts, she travel her way around India for the two years she spent there. From making new friends to learning languages and customs. Looking for spiritual solace, lessons with gurus to waiting for Jonathan in the war-torn middle-east. Sarah pushes her limit, experiencing distinctive religious practices and cultures, eventually making sense of who she is in the midst of all the chaos. Sarah did a decent job in portraying India in all of its contrast, religious, billions of people, and colour. The book is entertaining but it is often depicted in the opinion of a spoilt Westerner who has experience childhood in a well-to-do family. There is also no attempt to understand India outside of her limited interface with the country. Besides, she frequently make gross generalization such as “India has a hair fetish” (pp97) and “Indian society forces its middle class to live an extended adolescence.”
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