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The Holy Grail background information and King Arthur’s Quest to find the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail which is described as a vessel that is used by Jesus Christ himself during the final supper. The Holy Grail was then given to his great uncle Joseph of Arimathea and then Joseph used the Holy Grail to collect Jesus’s blood. Joseph also put Christ onto the Cross. when Jesus died, Joseph who was imprisoned into a rock tomb which is similar to the one given for the body of his grand-nephew. ("King Arthur In Legend: The Holy Grail", 2011). The Holy Grail was used to sustain by power to provide Joseph food and water every morning. Over time a few centuries later the location of the Great Castle of Corbenic has now been forgotten. At the Court of
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The Holy Grail was first introduced during the medieval times and also introduced into the British mythology which would mean that the Holy Grail is a myth because a myth is described as something that is believed to be around but there is no actual evidence to support the myth which is why it’s called a myth. When talking about King Arthur there are many stories that are never told exactly what the tale is really all about. The greatest quest that King Arthur and his knights of the round table did was to locate the Holy Grail. The background information on the Holy Grail is said that this particular cup was used by Jesus Christ himself during the last supper, and this cup is the very same cup that was used to capture Jesus’s blood after he was stabbed with a spear in the side for his crucifixion. There was a wealthy man name Joseph and Joseph allowed Christ to be placed into his tomb, and this is said to have brought the cup with him when he came to Britain but eventually lost. The tale also states that the Holy Grail also disappeared because of the sins of the times but many people did not believe that but what they did believe was it was hidden and the location
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