Holy Panchayat Analysis

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Religions are formed by many things like, beliefs, rituals, and myths. Many religions, such a Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism are based on these things, and have one goal, to follow the path of god and the teachings. In the story holy panchayat the main plot around which the story revolves that is how Jumman sheikh’s Aunt was ill treated after she gave her property to jumman, how jumman first flourished her aunt with treats and made sure she was happy and content but as soon she hands over the property he changes his behaviour and sees her as an extra weight, thus she seeks justice for the treatment she is getting, but an important aspect of the story goes missing how we miss to see the relationship between an Hindu and a Muslim, how people from different religion behave and live with each other. It is evident that relatives are our destiny, but friends are our choice.
As the story was written in 1916 and amidst
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When algu accepts to become the head sarpanch, jumman is delighted and happy and relaxed because algu being his best friend and knowing the fact that he won’t betray him and take his side but the reverse happened, in turn algu was in the favour of his aunt and left jumman awestruck and angry, For him it was almost as though his friend had stabbed him in the back and after the decision they behaved as strangers, with Jumman believing that Algu had proved to be unfaithful while Algu believed he had merely performed his duty. To describe this relationship Premchand uses a suitable simile to between the two friends when he compares their meeting to the meeting of a sword and a shield emphasizing on the coldness related with
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