Holy Sonnet 14 Shakespeare Analysis

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At The Beginning ... John Donne, the 17th metaphysical poet, and William Shakespeare, the Elizabethan poet, are two of the most supremely gifted andtalented writers in England , the first one wrote the sonnet "Batter My Heart" and the second one wrote the sonet " Shall I Compare to Thee Summer 's Day " today I shall begin this essay by discussing the analysis and metaphors in these two sonnets and also some info 's about the sonnet, and what is the difference between the Shakespeaean Sonnet and the Italian Sonnet. -What is the sonnet ? A sonnet is a poetic form which originated in Italy; Giacomo Da Lentini is credited with its invention. The term sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto (from Old Provençal sonet a little poem,…show more content…
-An Introduction to John Donne John Donne was an English poet , he is considered the pre-eminent representative of the metaphysical poets, his works are noted for the strong, sensual style and include sonnets,love poems and religious poems his poetry is noted for its vibrancy of language and inventiveness of metaphor. Donne 's style is characterised by abrupt openings, ironies and dislocationa. -Holy Sonnets 14 By John…show more content…
No one is sure when he wrote them, but some guess it 's around 1618. Holy Sonnet 14 is one of his most famous and often-studied poems. In fact, if you only read one of Donne 's poems, this is probably the place to go, since it 's got a clever extended metaphor (a "metaphysical conceit" if you want the fancy term), and it covers the major recurrent theme in Donne 's poetry – a possibly conflicting passion for both carnal and divine love. Donne wrote this poem at an important time in his life, as he was just ordained in the Church of England. Donne has an interesting relationship with religion. He was born a Roman Catholic, and being Roman Catholic in late 16th century England guaranteed persecution. As a young man, Donne didn 't seem particularly interested in religion, but he soon realized that the path to a successful life could be found in the Church of England. As he became more involved in the Church, he became considerably more focused on his own spirituality and relationship with God. If you 're inclined to read the poem biographically, Holy Sonnet 14 represents the peak of Donne 's conflict between secular and religious lives, and his efforts to reconcile his newfound sacred love with the more familiar, earthly variety. - Batter My Heart by John Donne ( Summary, Analysis, and Metaphors

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