Holy Spirit In Christian Education

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are a teacher who has come from God. It must be man from the Holy God; no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God."(Jn 3:2) Jesus had the great distinction from other historical teachers in the world. These are the characteristics. First, he is the true relational man who understands human from the heart. Second, his life was the message of God. Third, he motivates action out of love. Fourth, he shows by life as a model. Fifth, he empowers by Holy Spirit. Fifth, He gives divine authority. Finally, he sacrificed his life to earn the lost and teach his disciples. Handricks points out that Jesus was distinctive as a person. He focused on individual and their needs as well as real life. He knew that the greatest relay…show more content…
Teacher is only able to teach the Bible and spiritual parts and all the wisdom from God. Holy Spirit enable teacher to deliver the truth by power not by words and motivates students to be willing to transform themselves from the heart and spirit. Holy Spirit makes Word of God effectual in the student's life.(Jn 10:25, 12:47-48) Holy Spirit removes spiritual blindness and gives eternal life,( Jn 3:5, Tit 3:5) In Bible, it describe roles of Holy Spirit in Greek menas " Spirit of truth"(Jn 14:16, 26, 15:26) but NIV version say, "Counselor". KJV, "Comforter" NASA, "Helper". "Advocator". Holy spirit sent by God according to Jesus request and teaches believers all things, remind them of Jesus' teaching, testify about Christ. Without Holy Spirit, Believers cannot understand anything or recall Jesus' teaching. Therefore the role of Holy Spirit mainly related to Teachers and learners in education. First, he enables teachers to understand the message to deliver to learners in the areas of context, contents, methods, learners. Second, He enables teachers to grow in spiritual maturity like Christ. Third, He enable learners to understand God's instructions through the context, contents from teachers with their heart and spirit, Finally, he enables learners to apply it into their life so they can grow in spirituality. Anthony states…show more content…
It is bigger community of believers as a family. Therefore, the role of church need to be accurate for Christian education. Yount states that from the beginning, the church understood that they were a people of community. The concept of community and family was among the early church and it was the Greek term from Old Testament and New Testament. The operation of the church is founded on the concept of unity and is demonstrated through fellowship. The new Testament term of "fellowship" koinonia, appears in Acts2:42 and there were teaching and fellowship and breaking the bread and prayer in fellowship. .In the scripture , the role of church includes worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship. Maria Harris refers to the role as koinonia (community), leiturgia (prayer), didache (teaching), Kerygma (proclamation) and diaconia (ministry of service). Jeffrey Arnold points out that small group is an intentional gathering of 3-12 people who commit themselves to work together to become better disciples of Jesus. People can only learn and grow in an environment of love and acceptance. That is Christian community. The church must be a true community o God to provide the atmosphere for discipleship including worship, prayer, teaching, ministry service and fellowship in

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