Holy Spirit Role Analysis

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Chapter 6 Holy Spirit Role Did I mention the Holy Spirit a short while ago? Divine intervention, what is it? This is a second question for your consideration. For, that night, we are told the king had trouble sleeping, and instead of reaching out to the only thing or one he needed to make him complete he reached out to another thing, thing I say - not people since there are people at his beck and call - not for help to go back to bed but he ordered a an attendant (person) to bring a book (thing) – the book of the history of his reign so it could be read unto him. As the book was being read to him, the king commanded the reader to stop in no other portion but at a portion on the…show more content…
And as usual, at home where his inner circle of friends had been waiting since early morning to see, read, and handle the king's edict to terminate the life of Mordecai the Jew. Instead they heard the story of shame,defeat and disgrace Prime Minister Haman brought back as he narrated step-by step all that happened from the palace to city city gate, Mordecai's duty post to the city square! Granted these couldn't have heard about the unfolding of the drama in the palace of the king about wanting to honor someone and then asking Mr Prime Minister, what should we do? But did they not hear or saw what happened in town between Mordecai and his arch enemy Haman, I mean all of or at least some of the ten sons of Haman who must be bragging about in down-town on what they have learnt from their father to now see him bowing before a commoner gate man! It must have been a very sad gathering, yet they had to hurry to discuss and concluded against the coming of the palace carriers that would convey the Prime Minister to the second night of the banquet. And after all said and done, the committee came up with a resolution and said: Since Mordecai – this man that humiliated you – is of Jewish birth, you will never succeed in your plans against him. It will be fatal to continue opposing him. Little did these know that their utterance formed a prediction against the edict of complete annihilation of the Jews the following year. They could not have even imagined that the Prime Minister might not, would not return home to his beloved wife and children to eat play and sleep for he did return as or for what you might wonder. But the conference was cut short for while they were still talking, the king's special officers arrived and quickly conveyed the disgraced Prime Minister Haman to the banquet of wine that Esther the Queen had
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