Holy War: The Crusades

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The Crusades were a series of holy wars that took place from 1095-c.1300 to reclaim the holy land , although it became a fight for wealth and power. The Crusades were nicknamed the “holy war” because the semitic religions fought for Jerusalem. These nine Crusades were all brutal wars that caused civilian casualties, this occurred during the Dark Ages. The start of the Crusades began when Pope Urban proposed the idea to try to help fellow Eastern Christians against the Muslims. Civilians and Christians mainly thought because they believed it freed the soul from sin and they fought for spirituality. The impact that the Crusades have on the Eastern and Western worlds are the Crusades were known as the most successful failure in history. The Crusades…show more content…
These individuals knew that in order to conquer Jerusalem, there needs to be a new method to arrive there each time they went out for battle whether they succeeded or failed the times before. The religion adventuring to conquer the holy land needed new plans each time incase the same religion defending was there from the previous attempt. “Some were interested only in fighting for Christianity, but others were looking for adventure, for estates, or for commercial opportunities. This led to results very different from those expected by their organizers” (Doc. 3). More individual motivations for the Crusades include the pope’s offering of a “ticket to heaven”, a chance of better living, and primogeniture. The individuals had a chance of better living if they fought in the Crusades because the holy war occurred during the Dark Ages, which was considered as not a “good place”. Primogeniture was another motivation because this is when the eldest son inherits the wealth and power of the father or head of the household if there is a death or severe illness that affects the man of the house, making him unable to be in charge anymore. The geopolitical simulations include an increase of papal…show more content…
Everyone of the Crusades had a different conclusion but no matter that outcome, the Crusades were still considered the greatest failed success in history. There were a total of nine Crusades all of which had geopolitical and individual motives resulting in positive and negative effects on the religious worlds. They all made a lasting effect on the Christendom community or families that had individuals or loved ones in combat. The wealth and power from this holy war helped gain papal authority which assisted the catholic community in fighting and later after the Crusades ended. All in all, the fight has ended leaving knowledge and the ability to fight back to the Christians incase of any circumstance the religion may be

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