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Home Alone By Jacob Gruttner It was 2 pm on a Saturday in New York City and I was bored out of my mind. There were four feet of snow on the ground and because of this I knew my parents would be home later than usual. I could only rely on my data to text, which was running out, and mac and cheese for dinner. I thought that this was the worst thing about that day... but it wasn’t. After grieving about how horrible this day was, I decided to turn on the tv and watch “Catfish The TV Show.” After about five minutes of Catfish, a breaking news alert popped up on the TV. But, before I could recall what it was, the tv started to freeze and pixelate. I must’ve been hearing things because I thought I heard something about a serial killer, but…show more content…
I then decided to head straight up to bed because I just wanted to fall asleep and wake up with my parents by my side and my life back to normal. I, however, could not sleep. I had an unquenchable thirst and I just had to drink some water. So, I lit a candle and protruded down the stairs. My palms quickly became sweaty. My mind was racing with terrible thoughts. I finally filled up my glass and started walking really fast towards the stairs. I was still afraid. My hands were shaking, almost numb. The water in my glass was trembling along with me. I almost couldn’t feel it slip out of my hands. I quickly ran back to grab some paper towel. I reached for the paper towel, but at that moment I knew something was outside. I didn’t want to look, but I had to. And there he was, a dark, hooded, silhouette in the snow outside, smiling at me. His evil grin chilled me to the bone. It seemed as if he was looking straight through me. I froze. I reached behind me for my phone, but when I looked back out the window he seemed to be walking closer, and closer, and closer. But the weird thing is, there wasn’t a trail of footprints behind him. I then felt someone breathing down my neck. It seemed like a knife was stabbing me, even though there wasn’t any pain. I then realized what was happening. It was just his reflection in the window. He was inside the

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