Home Assessment Research Paper

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Home Assessment
While doing the initial home assessment I started with the living room. In the living room I found prescribed medication containers on the floor and living room table. There was clothing all over the floor and couch. The couch seemed as if someone sleeps there, newspaper ads were just laying around the ground. I came across a rodent behind the shelf. There was an open window cleaner near the electrical port. Then I moved to the kitchen where I found a sink full of dishes with a knife not properly stored. Laundry detergent were just left out and not stored with some bottles being opened on the ground. There was a roach infestation all over the sink and stove. When the refrigerator was inspected there was some basic food like: peanut butter, ham, eggs and milk. It was also filled with
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As well as cleaning supplies and laundry detergent which can be lethal if a child were to ingest it. With the cocaine just sitting and the table and prescribed medication just lying around the home. It is easily accessible for the children to get ahold of it without the parent being aware of it. Which can cause the child that induces it to overdose. The belt on the closet door seem wore out as if it has been used to hit someone with it. Which makes me think that the mother uses the belt to hit her children. The parent alone is a health and safety risk against the children with her behavior and drug addiction. Some of the medication that was found was over the sleeping aid and pain relief, naproxen was also found which is anti-inflammatory. Prescribed medication Clonazepam which can treat seizures, panic disorders, and anxiety. The medication that caught my attention was Paroxetine which treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PMDD, and post partum depression. Within those prescribed medications there were also general sleeping aids and anxiety

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