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PER REPORTER: Latasha said when Carter was attending In Home Day Care his father (Dedrick) would pick him up from daycare around two or three o’clock in the evening. Latasha said when she would drop the child off at daycare he would have three bottles, a jug of milk, and baby food packed for him. However, she said when she would pick the child up from his father’s house around five forty-five at night he would still have two in a half full bottles, one half of bottle, and unopened food. Latasha said Carter is supposed to eat every two to three hours but was only being given a half of bottle in the eight hours of him being at daycare and with Dedrick. Latasha said she suspects Dedrick to not be feeding the child when he is in his care, but she…show more content…
Latasha said Dedrick tries to put everything on the daycare, but she said every time she gets Carter from Dedrick’s care he will not open his eyes and is limped over. It is unknown why the child does not open his eyes or why he is limped over. Latasha said Carter no longer attends the daycare Olivia works for, because she said DHS got involved with Olivia having a dog at the daycare and it scratching Carte. Latasha mentioned that when the child was scratched Dedrick ended up with him after it happened and did not take the child to the doctor. However, Latasha said she has taken the child to the doctor and was told for her to keep doing what she is doing with the child. Latasha said the doctors also told her the child is sick with acute gastritis, dehydrated and has an upper respiratory infection. Latasha said the child being ill caused him to lose weight. Latasha also mentioned that last Thursday Carter’s daycare called her and said he was crying and may be teething. Latasha said when she went to the child’s father’s house to pick him up they were outside walking in sixty eight degree

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