Business Ethics Case Study: Gen Y Manufacturing Company

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ABSTRACT The long term success of the investors not only depends on the narrow financial performance of the companies of whom share they buy but also on their efficiency to manage the ethical questions that will result in image of the company. Many organizations and business investors take this responsible investment as an obligation but with the changing industry scenario and with many Gen Y employees and owners entering the market this responsible investment is actually becoming the core value of the company and also the key reason for the sustainability and brand building of the company. The purpose of this paper is to view the following points: • Statistics on shareholders and investors preferring ethical/responsible investment • Instances of organization’s who invested in unethical industries and there consequences • How can ethical investment contribute to organizational sustainability The data collected and the analysis of the paper would be purely on the basis of secondary data. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION What is Ethical…show more content…
As part of a new timber purchasing policy, Home Depot accepted to give preference to the sale of timber certified and managed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wherever possible, to endorse ways to use wood more efficiently, and to promote replacements to wood products. In 2009, Home Depot sold more FSC-certified wood than as compared to any other company in North America. Companies that offer sustainable forest products can open doors to new markets and customers, as witnessed by the preference of many huge forest product retailers, such as IKEA and the LEED building industry, to use these
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