Home Depot's Role In The Home Improvement Market

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Home Depot is a worldwide organization that focuses in the home improvement market, as well as provides product development for the construction industries. This strategically operated organization reflects the commitment from federal and provincial legislations in order to “take care of our people.” Home Depot pledges to create a safe work environment, and to treat everyone fairly. Home Depot is committed to customer service, and building strong relationships with costumers, venders, and associates.
Home Depot’s strategic goal is to expand into new markets, further develop existing markets, and explore opportunities around the world. Over the past four decades Home Depot has grown a great deal and currently has a market share of 27.2%, and is the leading home improvement market with net sales of $83.2 billion for fiscal 2014.
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Home Depot is always looking for talented people in their recruitment in order to expand business and find innovative leaders to ensure future success. When a person becomes an employee of Home Depot, they become a part of a team, and every member of Home Depot plays an important part in serving costumers. Employee selection is a crucial part in maintaining a high efficient work environment. Home Depot needs to recruit and evaluate applicants in order to match their KSAOs with job positions. After selection, orienting new recruits is important because not only is it vital for employees to know Home Depot’s culture, but it is important to feel welcome and understand Home Depot’s policy and Ontario

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